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This is a site for artist "Kazuyoshi Morita" that creates fine art, digital art, design and photograph.



  Now redecorating 

There may be non-adjustment, an unconnected point for a while. Please forgive it.

After a PC version was completed, I finish the mobile version.

■  2015 Japan-U.S. Artists Exchange Show in Kyushu


     2015.8.25(Tue)- 30(Sun)

     Kitakyushu City Art Museum




 Let's started to learn painting 


I have been teaching painting at art school "Art Culture".

 I am in charge of a lecture of Sunday on Saturday on Tuesday.


I can teach drawing, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, colored pencils image.

I picture making from use of art supplies, will explain carefully to the point of depiction.


Are quite the first time you'llcome many people. Please see below for the classroom.


Place: Art Culture

            in Shinjyuku-sanshome Sekaido Building 6F

            tel: 03-5360-4007

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