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I mainly paint figures.




I has been pursuing a theme of expressing people’s feelings, eg joy, sorrow, pain and their strength to survive difficult times which leads to positive hopes. Since the 3.11 earthquake/radiation spill incidence in Japan, what I aim to express has become much clearer in my mind.

I think that we do not draw only visible objects by painting, but also invisible images which hide behind/inside the objects.
In my works, there are people who cover their faces with their hands. The scenes might look that they try to escape from the reality, but they also look that they desperately try to bear their current situations and find some positive ways of going forward in their lives.
In the works with bandages around the faces, the bandage is the symbol of scar. Scars on the surface of skin could cause deep internal/mental scars which may be said as destiny or connected to the past.
I gained an inspiration from one girl, and drew flowers blooming from the leg, hoping for a complete cure of the scar.

I think we should always grasp the true nature of things without being misled by the superficial beauty.


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